Weekend Fun!

Hi friends!

I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend (even though we’re midway through the next week already…it’s been a LONG few days, friends).

We had such a wonderful, jam packed weekend. Saturday morning started off with pancakes and the farmers market/pumpkin patch with our small group. We had a great time exploring all the booths and pumpkins with our friends. L’s favorite part, naturally, were all the dogs available for petting!IMG_4753


Can I just take a moment and say how gracious God has been to us with bringing us to this group? In all honesty, finding community has been HARD since our college days. We have been blessed to have some small groups within that time, however, nothing ever really panned out long term or turned into doing real, every day life together. We finally decided to pursue leading a group. At the group leader’s meeting through our church, we met a couple who have now turned into some of our closest friends.

Turns out, they were having the same concerns (a limited number of groups available in our area) and we decided to band together and start a group. That group has now blossomed into a beautiful community of several families and I am so grateful.


I love how personal our God is. No concern, seemingly big or small, goes unnoticed. Even if it’s not in our ideal timing, He provides just what we need. Thank you, Lord, for this season of friendship and community.

We spent Saturday afternoon celebrating a group member’s daughter turning 9 and then came home to watch UCF’s football game with our dear friends Nicole and Craig. The game just about gave us a heart attack but we pulled it out! GO KNIGHTS!

Sunday was spent doing projects around the house (we were so distracted we lost track of time and missed church) and then spent the afternoon at a friend’s house visiting and eating dinner after our fridge stopped cooling (fixed now, thank you Lord!). We were even able to have another friend from our hometown who is now a freshmen at UCF join us. We loved getting to catch up with Emma and hear all about her experiences so far! 20181014_194653

It was a beautiful weekend that led into a crazy week. I’m not ready to share more details at this point, but would you be in prayer for L’s health? We are having to pursue some further testing to rule out a particular concern and we are understandably anxious. Prayers for wisdom as we make decisions, strength for her spirit and body, and peace to rule in our hearts are SO appreciated.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! Happy Wednesday!

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