About Me

Hi friends!

For anyone that doesn’t know us personally, my family consists of myself, my wonderful husband Tyler, and our daughter L. L is 17 months old and is everything fun, hilarious, precious, sweet, spunky, and smart. We ADORE her and you’ll be seeing a lot of her around this blog. My husband Tyler works as a CPA and I am in career counseling. We live in the Central Florida area with our 3 kitties. We love spending time with our church community, are obsessed with all things Disney, and are huge fans of University of Central Florida football.

Part of the reason for creating this blog is to try and take a step back from the black hole that can be social media. I LOVE Facebook for all the ways it helps me keep in touch with people who don’t live right around the corner, however, I find that I can easily get pulled down rabbit trail after rabbit trail (crazy political posts, anyone?) and spend way more time mindlessly scrolling rather than engaging with my family. I also enjoy Facebook for all the ways it acts as a virtual scrapbook of sorts. I have a TERRIBLE memory (can anyone relate??) so I love being able to look back and see some of what has happened in years past. I’m hoping that this blog will act as a way to serve those same purposes without being a constant temptation to waste time.

I imagine this space will be a mix of many things, including posts about our family adventures, recipes that we love, things that the Lord has put on my heart, thoughts about parenting, etc. Thank you for joining me in this little corner of the internet! I hope you find it to be an encouraging, relatable, and fun space.